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Supreme Court agrees to uphold Affordable Care Act

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WASHINGTON, D.C.- The Supreme Court's decision to uphold the controversial health care law championed by President Barack Obama is stirring up a lot of talk.

The landmark ruling will effect nearly every person in the U.S. 

President Obama is calling the narrow 5-4 ruling a victory.

Republicans aren't happy about the loss, and politicians speculate this will only further divide party lines and strengthen rallies calling for its repeal.

The Affordable Care Act passed by democrats in 2010 will require every American to have health care coverage by 2014.

Failing to provide proof of insurance can result in a fine.

The Supreme Court says the fine is a "tax," and that's why the government has the power to impose it.

Certain parts of the Affordable Care Act have already taken place.

Young adults up to age 26 are allowed to remain on their parent's insurance.

President Obama also said hundreds of senior citizens are saving money through improved medicare prescription benefits.

Lastly, co-payments for preventative care have been eliminated.

The Supreme Court says the Act will bring coverage to about 30 million uninsured people over the next two years.

However, an estimated 26 million people, most of whom are illegal immigrants will remain without insurance.