Certain fireworks restricted in the Amarillo area

Certain fireworks restricted in the Amarillo area

Amarillo, Texas - The drought has improved just in time for the 4th of July, meaning fireworks will be allowed this year, but with some restrictions.

There are some fireworks being named off limits in the Amarillo area.

According to the order issued by Potter County commissioners, no one may sell, detonate, ignite, or use fireworks in any way, that are considered "skyrockets with sticks," or "missiles with fins."

Randy Carthel, owner of Dollar Fireworks says, "These rockets with sticks will not be allowed this year. We will not be selling these. They tend to go up, turn, and come back down before they explode. They sometimes don't go high enough to burn out before they come back down. If that happens, you've got a fire problem."

After a year of no fireworks last year, these restrictions could be bad for business.

Fortunately, local firework stand owners say these items aren't the most popular.

Carthel explains, "They're not a high volume item, so it's not going to hurt our business much."

That doesn't mean local law enforcement won't be keeping a close eye on both firework stands and those celebrating the holiday.

Violating a firework law can be a costly offense.

Using fireworks or even possessing them within Amarillo City Limits is illegal. If you're found doing so, you could face up to a $2,000 fine. However, you are allowed to pop fireworks out in the county.

Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas says, "If you're going to go out in the county, you have to make sure you are on your property, or at least have permission to be on that property."

They also may not be set off in school parking lots, along roadways, or in bar ditches.

Fireworks go on sale this Sunday, and will be sold through the night of July 4th.