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Opening statements made in Aldawsari case

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Amarillo, TX - The trial continued Friday for the former Texas Tech student accused of plotting attacks across the United States and here in Texas.

Khalid Aldawsari sat in court quietly writing on a notebook Friday morning as opening statements were made from both the government and his defense.

In their opening statement the government says Aldawsari was in the process of getting everything needed to make an explosive device.

They told the jury they will show evidence of the chemicals he ordered, the things like a HAZMAT suit found in his apartment and writings and recordings he made about his plans.

They simply asked the jury to find the verdict they believe the evidence demands.

During the defense's opening statement they told the jury although they believe the emails and writings from Aldawsari are offensive, he should be found not guilty of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, because "you can't attempt to use a bomb that doesn't exist."

They say there was a lot of intent on Aldawsari's part but no substantial step.

The defense even said in this case law enforcement prevented the crime from being committed.

Aldawsari's trial will continue Monday.