Posting a garage sale sign in Canyon could be costly

NewsChannel 10

Canyon, Texas - Holding a garage sale this summer in the City of Canyon could actually end up costing you money, if you violate a new sign ordinance being strictly enforced.

They easily catch your eye and draw people to your home, but once the garage sale is over and the sign is forgotten, they still catch your eye. Which is what the city says is exactly the problem.

Code Enforcement Director Danny Cornelius explains, "This time of year when people are having more garage sales, you can drive up and down 23rd Street and 4th Avenue and most corners will have multi-colored signs taped on poles and wire signs stuck in the ground. It's littering and it's unsightly."

Especially because many of the signs put up, are never taken down, and those that are removed, leave remnants of paper, staples, and tape behind.

Rob Standley with the City of Canyon says, "The problem is the tape is sticking and just won't come off. It makes the poles to where the utility people cannot climb them and it just looks tacky."

That's why they are no longer allowed.

A part-time employee has been hired for the summer, to help remove signs posted around town. Photos will then be taken of each sign and letters will be sent to the offenders with either a warning or a notice your case has been sent to the municipal court.

Post a sign anywhere in the City of Canyon, but your yard, and it could be a costly mistake.

You could be handed up to a $500 fine, per sign.

Cornelius says, "Right now, the hard and fast rule is the first time we are giving them a warning. If it's a second violation, we will turn it over to the municipal court."