As one Canyon construction project wraps up, another begins

NewsChannel 10

Canyon, Texas - Drivers may see some traffic delays this summer on one area highway, due to a pair of construction projects aimed at enhancing the city's entrance, eliminating roadway hazards, and solving safety issues.

They could cause some minor headaches for drivers.

It's the gateway to Canyon, Interstate-27, also known as Highway 60 or Highway 87.

While it's currently littered with barricades and bulldozers, it will soon be lined with landscaping and a mural of Palo Duro Canyon.

The majority of the work is complete on the Canyon Gateway project, but there are still a few final touches to add, such as landscaping, lighting, and more sidewalks."

The project's purpose includes giving the area's appearance a boost, as well as solving some drainage and erosion issues this section of the road often faces.

Brian Noel with the City of Canyon explains, "Now this, along with the concrete there and not just a wall, as well as the concrete footings, should make it look really nice and keep it there for the long term."

Work began last November and was supposed to already be complete, but a few delays have pushed things back to the end of July.

Meanwhile, TxDOT is looking to start another project at the beginning of July, re-building the bridge that brings drivers from Highway 60 to Highway 87, or off the Hereford Highway headed north.

It's expected to cause some traffic delays.

Noel says, "All of the traffic coming from Hereford down Highway 60, will be diverted down the exit ramp. We will have some lanes there to take the traffic back onto Highway 87 toward Amarillo."

That exit is currently closed because of the gateway project, but it will re-open when the bridge project starts.

Temporary traffic lights will be installed to allow those traveling on Highway 60 to turn both ways onto Highway 87, forcing north and south bound traffic to stop.