App can deter crime and help with police investigations

App can deter crime and help with police investigations

Amarillo, TX- If you feel you are in a dangerous situation, there is now an app to help deter crime.

If you are in what you feel could be a potentially threatening environment... With the touch of a finger, the iWitness app can be launched to shine a light, alerting others around you the phone is armed.

If you then believe you are in real danger, you can touch your phone screen again causing your phone to start recording audio and video that can be accessed by law enforcement officials.

Lieutenant Lisa Dawson with the Potter County Sheriff's Office says the information gathered by the app can be valuable for their investigation.

"As far as a crime in progress and you are not able to talk on the phone then it will give us valuable information because it is going to give us GPS coordinates of where you are at, where the crime is taken place, but if we can actually have communication with 911 caller, that is what we prefer," said Lt. Dawson.

Dawson adds, the video captured on the app may also be helpful after the crime as taken place for evidence.

Right now the app is available the Apple store, an Android version is in the works.

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