Update: Where did Amarillo's tent city residents go?

Update: Where did Amarillo's tent city residents go?

AMARILLO- Just more than a week after tent city residents were asked to vacate their home and search for a new shelter, we wanted to find out where they have since ended up.

While we weren't able to track down all the residents Monday, we were able to catch up with one motivated young woman who has just moved off the streets and into a new apartment.

"We're going into my new home," Shiryl Edwards said as she opened up her apartment door.

NewsChannel 10 profiled Edwards earlier this month after a trespass warning and city camping ban brought on the threat of being arrested if she and dozens of other residents didn't leave.

The bridge on S.E. 1st and Pierce has been home to residents and their tents for about two years. Though Edwards is now thankful for the chance to have a place of her own, it's a bittersweet feeling.

"I lost my family," she said. "Now it's just me and my roommate. A lot of people went to different towns and some got new places here."

Chad Connor with the ACTS Community has been helping the homeless move over the past week.

"We've had the good fortune of finding about 8 people a place to live," he said. "Shiryl is one example. They moved into an apartment last week and are just now settling in."

Connor has provided moving boxes, calling cards, and a storage unit for tent city residents who needed assistance with moving.

"We've cooked pizza and chicken fried steak," Edwards said as she showed us her kitchen in her apartment.

She seems to be on the right track. She has a room mate, bed and roof over her head.

"I know I can go to bed every night and nobody is going to take it away from me and nobody is going to steal anything," she said.

Though she says she's never encountered a situation like that herself, she feels a bit more secure now.

"I have stability that I didn't have before," she added. "I just didn't look more than a day ahead and now I am looking into the future."

Edwards says she is currently looking for a job and hopes to go back to school shortly.

ACTS Community helped Edwards fund the deposit for her new apartment. However, she continues to live without air conditioning and is in need of a portable A/C unit.

If you'd like to help this resident out or any of the other tent city residents now displaced throughout the city, contact Chad Connor with the ACTS Community at 576-8611.