Wheeler becomes a boomtown with oil business

Wheeler becomes a boomtown with oil business

Amarillo, TX- An area town is booming with oil and gas business.

Wheeler is being considered the oil and gas capital of the Panhandle now that their 15-hundred population has temporarily doubled with all of the workers.

Those workers are bringing business to local shops, hotels and RV parks, increasing the sales tax revenue from about three thousand dollars a month to forty thousand dollars a month.

"Most towns this size has half their square, their buildings are vacant, we don't even have a vacant building in our square, and they are all nice businesses and you know it's not all oil field related businesses, there are boutiques, ice cream shops, and people didn't have that in Wheeler before," Mayor Bob McCain said.

Because of such a boom, RV parks are filling up fast, hotel rooms are almost constantly booked and the mayor says it is hard to find a place to rent.

The mayor says they are in the process of building new duplexes and apartments to help meet the growing demand.

The mayor adds the boom is expected to last the next five to ten years.