Salvation Army says farewell to the Griders

Salvation Army says farewell to the Griders

Amarillo, TX - The Salvation Army said farewell to Major Tim and Cheryl Grider as they leave Amarillo.

They have been working here for nearly four years but are now being transferred to Lubbock to run the Salvation Army in that area.

The Griders say they will miss everyone they've worked with in Amarillo but are glad they will be able to come back and visit.

"There's no doubt that here in the Panhandle, Amarillo and Canyon...everywhere we've gone, everyone has freely just opened up to us and said what do I need to do and how do I do this? and what I have appreciated has been the very, I would call it conservative love," Major Tim Grider.

Major Harvey and Ann Johnson have been hired to fill their shoes and are coming here from Galveston.