At-risk children receive help

Amarillo, TX - Today dozens of businesses and volunteers came together to help area school children continue on a path to success.

Opportunity school held their first Obstacles for Opportunity competition at Thompson Park.

Teams competed in several challenges, including brain teasers.

Opportunity school has provided affordable early childhood education for children of low income families for the past forty years.

Proceeds from the event will support the children who attend the school.

"it's really a family. we have students that come back who have been gone. They're in elementary school or they're in high school and they come back. They remember riding the opportunity school bus or having circle time with the teacher because that's just a really important time of learning in a young child's life. It really makes an impact," said Jill Goodrich, executive director.

Opportunity school aims to improve the academic achievement and personal success of at-risk children.