Hospitality homes

More out of town families are finding themselves in need of a hospitality home in Amarillo while a relative is being treated.

The Ronald McDonald House is seeing about a 10% monthly increase, and they've been at capacity several times. Medical Center League House is also noticing an increase in out of town families coming to its facility.

Nikki Hooks is a guest at Medical Center League House. She says, "We got here yesterday. Our dad is in the ICU over at BSA. And they referred us over here because the hotel bill was going to be kind of crazy."

Kenneth and Tarena Wohl are also staying at the house. Tarena says, "We're from Oklahoma, and Kenneth is a veteran. When we came here, we discovered that he had cancer. We were directed to the league house, which was a God-send with the expenses. They're incurred especially with the amount of time we have to stay here. We felt like this place was almost a miracle."

With families traveling during the summer, there are more accidents on the road. Amber Glawe its Executive Director says, "It's amazing how many people end up here because of an accident. We've had people stay here from Louisiana, California, and Chicago."

Ronald McDonald House Executive Director Shelley Cunningham says, "If you had a child that needed to have surgery or needed to have a specific procedure, you might schedule that during the summer time so they don't miss school. So absolutely the summer time is a busier time."

There's a 45 dollar fee per night at the Medical Center, but they're willing to work with the family if they don't have the money. Glawe says, "We don't turn anyone away due to financial situations. We have an adopt-a-house fund that we raise money for. And that fund is to help families who are in need."

Cunningham says, "We ask for families, when they come to stay, if they could please make a donation of $15 a night. And they're asked to help keep their room clean, and help clean the common areas. And have some group activities in the common areas. But no one is ever turned away. "

You may donate toiletries or money to either organization. Ronald McDonald House is also asking for infant books to continue giving to children at hospitals.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.