Press Release - Swisher County Sheriff's Office


6/15/2012 -5:30 p.m.

Thursday night around 10 P.M. 911 calls were made to the Tulia Police dispatch concerning an injured man and a vehicle on fire located near the Lakeview Gin which is on US 86 at Farm to Market 1424 (this will be approx 10 miles west of Tulia).

Deputies, EMS, Fire and Tulia Police Officers were dispatched. The injured man had cuts to his legs, burn injuries, and was bound with a strap behind his back, wearing only socks and boxer shorts. The man was airlifted to Lubbock UMC Burn Center.

The man was 34 years old and was reported missing out of Louisiana from the town of Gretna. East Baton Rouge, Louisiana Sheriff's Office is investigating the vehicle fire and possible kidnapping. The injured man may be released sometime Friday evening from the hospital.