Dozens of wild horses and burros up for adoption in Amarillo

Dozens of wild horses and burros up for adoption in Amarillo

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Amarillo, Texas - These wild horses and burros use to roam free, but they have been rounded up and brought to Amarillo in hopes of finding new homes.

Wild horse adopter Connie Carey says, "They need a chance in life just like everything else. Just because they are mustangs and wild animals, does not mean they are crazy."

Congress limits the number of these wild animals that can live on public rangelands in the western United States, in an effort to maintain healthy herds and protect natural resources.

Wild Horse and Burro Program Manager Bob Mitchell explains, "With the 37,000 we currently have out west, we want to get down to a population of about 28,000. We are a bit overstocked out there and so we want to get down to a management level to where we have enough forage and water to maintain the 28,000."

Which is why farmers and ranchers in Texas and surrounding states are adopting them to help solve the problem.

Carey says, "I love their spirit and once you get them calm and they trust you, you can't find a better animal to be loyal to you."

In fact, she took home four wild horses, to add to her corral of five other adopted mustangs.

But there are certain requirements you must follow.

Mitchell explains, "They need to have a corral space that is about 400 square feet, which is like a 20 by 20 foot pen. For a burro it needs to be 4.5 feet high, for a yearling horse 5 feet high, and for an adult horse 6 feet high. It needs to have a shelter attached to it."

The horses and burros are at the Arena of Life for the next two days.

You can stop by and take a look at these animals from 8 AM - 6 PM Friday and 8 AM to Noon Saturday.

It's important to keep in mind these animals are wild, so you will have to train them.

The standard adoption fee is $125, and all the money goes toward the program.