Local authorities more vigilant against drug cartels

Local authorities more vigilant against drug cartels

Amarillo, TX - Drug raids in New Mexico and Oklahoma have prompted local authorities to be more vigilant against drug cartels.

Residents are encourages to help with the process.

Local DPS troopers tell us the Zetas drug cartel, which was linked to a money laundering scheme at a ranch in Oklahoma and Ruidoso Downs Race Track in New Mexico, are not present in our area.

They are working to ensure that group and others don't make their way here.

Troopers are interviewing people more closely during traffic stops to see if they have any connection to a drug operation.

Residents are encouraged to report anything suspicious, like someone using large amounts of cash to pay for items.

Arrests in the drug raids Tuesday have authorities saying we should be aware that there may be some retaliation.

"Of course it is a very real threat to us since we are right next to Mexico and a lot of U.S. citizens like traveling over there. Of course we would just recommend not doing that especially after the drug raids and stuff like that," says Trooper Gabriel Medrano, Texas DPS.

The criminal investigation unit in the Oklahoma and New Mexico drug raid cases say this is a prime example of the ability for Mexican drug cartels to establish footholds in U.S. industries.

The money laundering that was done in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and California causes a serious threat to our financial system.