Area refugees asking for our help to prosper

Area refugees asking for our help to prosper

Amarillo, TX - Hundreds of refugees from all over the world who have settled in Amarillo are now asking for our help to prosper.

The Somalian community is on a mission to help all refugees go down a path to success.

"Number one is the job, number two is the security since this is a very peaceful city and also the life because apartments are a little bit cheaper than other cities," says Abdikadir Jama, Panhandle Somali Community Association.

The Somalian community has become one of the largest refugee groups in our area, with over two-thousand people.

Their biggest obstacle in adjusting to our society is their language barrier.

"I think a big part of it is with the school systems, for example they were just getting overwhelmed with all of the different languages being spoken. We also have an interpreting department. We have over thirty languages that we can interpret or translate documents," says Katherine Camp, Catholic Family Service.

"Last time I heard, there were about seventy different languages in Amarillo but that's different dialects as well because you know like the Burmese they have all different kinds of dialects," says Fabian Talamante, Refugee Services of Texas.

Somalians in our area recently came together to better organize leadership within their community.

"We want to build our community and their educations, their self-sufficiency, not just Somalia but all ethnic groups. That's what we want to help with right now and for the future. We want to stay out of trouble, work hard and adjust to life in the United States," says Abdikadir Jama, Panhandle Somali Community Association.

In order to accomplish all of their goals, they say they need more volunteers, translators, and teachers.

"We need your help too," says Abdikadir Jama, Panhandle Somali Community Association.

If you're interested in helping them overcome some of their obstacles call the Panhandle Somali Community Association at 806-444-8905. Or email them at You can also stop by their office at 3412 NE 24th Ave., Amarillo, TX, 79107.

Our area is celebrating World Refugee Day on June 23rd.

Catholic Family Service is hosting a free event that will be held at the Amarillo Civic Center from 6-9 PM, which will include fine arts performances, cultural activities and music.

Residents are encouraged to attend to learn more about the different cultures we have in our community.

To get involved with Refugee Services of Texas call 806-381-0099.