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Nursing homes are struggling after state and federal cuts

Amarillo, TX - Nursing homes are struggling after major budget cuts affect Medicare and Medicaid, some are even shutting their doors.

The state cut 58-million dollars in Medicaid funding last year and 234-million dollars were cut from federal funds for medicare this year.

Those cuts are causing a strain for facilities that take care of our elderly.

A survey done by the Texas Health Care Association, shows many Texas nursing homes have had to make changes to their staff's benefits, lay people off, and in some cases even shut their doors.

"In our area alone, I mean we just had a home that closed or is in the process of closing due to the cuts and not being able to make it on the medicaid reimbursement, medicare, since their cuts have been made it's affected greatly. We've got several homes that have started to build on and have had to stop," said Linda Littlefield, with Vivian's Nursing Home.

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