Puppy rescue

Puppy rescue

Amarillo, TX - Puppies rescued near Houston, TX were flown to Amarillo before making their way to a foster home in Colorado.

The two English Pointer puppies will be here until Tuesday before taking off.

The Pilots-N-Paws organization are a network of volunteer private pilots who fly dogs to a good home.

Rescue organizations from all over the U.S. help connect dogs with people who can care for them until they find a permanent family.

"There's so many that are euthanized every year, in every city, in every shelter. volunteering saves lives. whether it's transport, or temporary fostering or helping out at different events, things like that," said volunteer Dana Huflin.

The organization told NewsChannel 10 Amarillo is an ideal location to pick up and drop off rescued dogs from Texas and the organization would love to have volunteer pilots from our area.

If you would like to help or get more information go to pilotsnpaws.org.