Amarillo wellness seminar

Amarillo wellness seminar

Amarillo, TX - An Amarillo organization held a seminar today to promote better general wellness among the African American community.

The annual Lisa Cherry Wellness Seminar focused closely on diseases that are more widespread among those of African American descent, including hypertension and breast cancer.

But according to the president of the local chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, who hosted the event, not everyone may getting the message.

"We're wanting to see more men come to these programs. Prostate cancer is a really high disease process and a lot of times men don't realize they can also get breast cancer. So we want to see more men aware of these disease processes, and preventions, and treatment options," says Maxine Rabb Brandon, President, Delta Sigma Theta.

Those at the seminar say they believe the best way to help people is by teaching them ways to help themselves, through things like self-examinations.