Increasing diabetes in adolescents a concern

Increasing diabetes in adolescents a concern

Amarillo, TX - More children are facing diabetes, which some say will have a lasting affect not only their health but also health insurance.

Twenty three percent of America's youth have diabetes or pre-diabetes according to a recent report, and many are concerned not only about the health problems it may lead to, but also the impact it may have on health care.

Type two diabetes makes up for more than ninety percent of the diabetes cases.

Doctor Roger Smalligan says type two diabetes can lead to heart problems and kidney problems in the future, which could mean an increase in our health insurance costs as these kids age.

"We all know that we have a real crisis with the cost of health insurance and the availability of it even at this point, and I think it is only going to get worse if we have that many people in our society and young people who are needing medical attention and medications to control these conditions that are directly related lifestyle issues, it's going to be a big problem," said Smalligan.

Doctor Smalligan says if the children who have diabetes make lifestyle changes now there is a chance they could get off of their medication completely and may be able to avoid further health issues.