Texas city cleans up east side

Texas city cleans up east side

San Antonio - One Texas city is working hard to make one of its most dangerous areas a safe place to live.

The city of San Antonio is cleaning up the east side not only by cracking down on criminals but also improving the living conditions for residents.

Gang injunctions are being implement in multiple areas and the city has fixed 90 of 150 street lights as well as installing nine new street lights on the east side.

According to the city's Chief of Police William McManus, officers have seized 72 weapons and made 746 arrests in the area just since January.

McManus adds they have also seized $86,000 in cash in drug cases and the gang unit has spent 43,000 hours on the east side.

In addition, they have also installed five safety cameras on the east side to help weaken gang violence and catch criminals and are working with area churches to help create youth programs.