Teens breaking car windows

Teens breaking car windows

Teens are breaking car windows in Canyon. Police Chief Dale Davis says teens between 14 and 16 years old are out in the streets around midnight since school's let out. And they're shooting at car windows.

Chief Davis says, "We've seen vandalism rise significantly for the city of Canyon. Since about the last two weeks, it appears that we've got some individuals going around with BB guns or pellet guns shooting windows out of cars."

He says if officials finds a teen out late in suspicious places, they'll inquire what they're doing. And if they're minors, police will contact their parents to come pick them up. Chief Davis says, "I contribute that to the schools are let out. And we do not have a curfew in Canyon. Therefore we see a lot of foot traffic. A lot of younger individuals out late at night."

Borger Police Chief Jimmy Adams says they've had a curfew for about 6 years now, and it has helped to significantly reduce criminal mischief in the area. Although Chief Davis says they don't plan to set a curfew in Canyon right now, they are increasing patrol during the midnight shifts as well as working on placing more officers on motorcycles.

Chief Davis says, "I would suspect based on some of our plans that we have that those bikes will be coming out of garage and getting on patrol. We can patrol parking lots, apartment complexes a lot easier. We can get in and out of places that we can't in an automobile."

He recommends parking in well lit places during the night or in a garage. And of course, remember, out of sight out of mind. Don't leave your valuables visible in your car.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.