Chinese man stands to profit on Romney gaffe

Chinese man stands to profit on Romney gaffe

A Chinese man may soon be much wealthier thanks to a recent gaffe by the Romney campaign.

John Chen bought in 2009 with no possible way of knowing that Romney's presidential campaign would make it a household name by spelling the country's name that way in a new app.

The Shanghai resident is very pro-America and bought the misspelt domain for just a $100, thinking it was close enough considering the low price.

Chen told Mashable, "For us, Amercia is so near to America, and it makes us feel so close to the USA and it also reminds us that we must work hard to get near to our soul land."

Now thank's to the gaffe, Chen may be able to send his son to school in America; within 24 hours of the Romney campaign misspelling the word he received four inquiries from people looking to buy the domain, which now could be worth as much as $12,000 according an online appraisal site.