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Police find two men hiding in business, detain both for questioning

Amarillo, TX- Two men are being questioned after police say they were hiding inside a bar where police believe a shooting took place.

The Amarillo SWAT team was called to the Galan's Club around ten Friday morning after hearing a possible shooting suspect was hiding inside.

The Amarillo Police Department says a 25-year-old male went to a local hospital early Friday morning after being shot in his left hand.

The man said he was at the bar after closing when an employee fired two shots after another customer became disorderly.

"Officers continued to watch the bar because of some things that went on the bar, the movement of some vehicles and things like that. They decided there was a possibility that the man might be inside the bar," said Sgt. Brent Barbee.

Amarillo SWAT officers were able to locate two men inside the bar after sending in the bomb disposal robot and police canine.

The two men were taken to the Amarillo Police Department for questioning.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing at this time.

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