Laundry detergent making kids sick

Laundry detergent making kids sick

AMARILLO, TX -  An everyday household item is now under scrutiny after making hundreds of children fall dangerously ill.

Laundry detergent packets are a new trend replacing the standard liquid bottles and powder but because of their size, shape and color, they're being mistaken for food.

"They are very appealing to children," Jeanie Jaramillo with the Panhandle Poison Control Center said. "They are colorful, soft and squishy."

That's what Jaramillo says is so dangerous about them. Often times children think they are candy. If ingested, symptoms include coughing and continuous vomiting.

"In Texas we have seen about 100 cases," Jaramillo said. "10 of those happened here in the panhandle and we have had one child who lost consciousness after vomiting and needed to be admitted into a hospital."

Poison control says the small packets have a strong punch and are more dangerous than ingesting regular liquid detergent.

"They have a mixture of detergent, brightener and stain remover," she explained. "They are highly concentrated packets."

So far, no deaths have been reported in Texas.

Now, one manufacturer is doing their part to prevent children in the future from falling ill.

"Proctor and Gamble has agreed to change the packaging for these laundry detergent pods," she said.

All, Purex and Tide also make similar packets.

While a product recall is not anticipated, poison control says they will continue to have this newest fad of detergent on their radar.

If you feel your child has ingested detergent, you should contact the National Poison Control Hotline at 800-222-1222 and then make arrangements to see your child's physician.