New rules for children eligible for state-funded vaccines

New rules for children eligible for state-funded vaccines

Amarillo, TX - The next time you get your child immunized, you may see a difference in the price.

Something that is concerning many area parents.

State-funded vaccines are no longer being offered to everyone who needs them.

The Texas Department of State Health has made new rules for children eligible to receive free or low cost immunizations.

We spoke to one mother who says with everything she already has to spend for her daughter, this is one pricey cost.

Hailey Encinias has two children, meaning double the shots and double the price.

In the past her children received state-funded vaccines but not anymore.

"I think that since it's a requirement for schools, there should be some type of assistance for the families even with insurance. Your co-pay used to be all you paid but now with deductibles it's really expensive to make that payment," says Hailey Encinias, mother.

She is not alone.

New rules mean insured children will no longer be given assistance if they cannot pay the co-pay or deductible.

With some required immunizations being over a hundred dollars, what parents end up paying out of pocket could be very costly.

This places a financial burden on them.

"There are a lot of costs that you incur when school starts, with clothes and school supplies. I have two kids but there a lot of people who have more than that. There are a lot of costs for the families," says Hailey Encinias, mother.

Amarillo ISD is speaking with parents and sending out notices to ensure they are prepared for this change.

The Department of Public Health has sent out an advisory to local physicians offices.

They are hoping parents will start saving now and get their child immunized sooner than later.

"It's always important this time of year when school's ending that parents look at their children's shot records to make sure they're caught up for the next school year. Fall is really busy, parents typically want to wait until the last minute and that's a problem because we have supply issues and we have access issues," Matt Richardson, Department of Public Health, City of Amarillo.

This change will not affect uninsured children or those who are underinsured, they will still be eligible for assistance.