Deterring a bad mosquito problem in the Panhandle

Deterring a bad mosquito problem in the Panhandle

Amarillo, TX - Your help is needed in avoiding what could be one of the worst mosquito seasons in decades because of weather conditions.

Right now we aren't having a bad mosquito problem in the panhandle but because of the mild winter and wet spring this year, there is a possibility for an increase in the insects.

Mosquito season usually begins in the middle of June according to Brad Turner with Lady Bug Services in Amarillo, but he says an increase in their population will depend on how much more rain we get in the area.

For now, he says there are steps we can take to avoid them.

"If homeowners leave something that will catch water out in the yard, or they are watering their yard, flower pots, the catch basins on flower pots, even aluminum cans can hold enough water for mosquitos to hatch out of or for the eggs to be laid in. Rain gutters that are stopped up, anything that holds water, you want to avoid," said Turner.

Turner adds if everybody avoids having standing water in their yards, our mosquito population will stay down.