Profitable, yet safe weekend at the lake

Profitable, yet safe weekend at the lake

NewsChannel 10

Fritch, Texas - A safe Memorial Day weekend at Lake Meredith, is also turning out to be a profitable one.

The holiday is drawing in more crowds and more boaters, than the park has seen all year, which is good news for those who rely on the lake.

But the fun weekend is also proving to be an unusually safe one, both injury-free and accident-free.

C.J.'s Bait Shop is a business that depends on Lake Meredith to keep its' doors open.

In fact, employee Sharra Luman says, "It's about half of our income. It's a big part. If it dried up completely, we would be in trouble."

But low lake levels are already giving the shop some trouble.

Business has been slow this year, until now.

Luman explains, "As of this weekend, everything has picked up. The fishing, the RV park, just about everything."

Surprisingly, more visitors isn't leading to more problems.

U.S. Park Ranger Brian Wilson says, "We have had relatively few incidents, a handful of arrests, some tickets for fairly minor things that were mostly traffic related and safety related in our ATV areas."

With no accidents and no injuries, the weekend has been an all-around safe one.

Wilson explains, "We have been out trying to be very proactive and contact people before situations have escalated. If we see something that is about to be unsafe, then we have been able to get there and fix the problem before it starts."

Both park rangers and business owners hope a successful Memorial weekend at Meredith points to a busy summer.

Wilson adds, "We're hoping a lot of people come out. If conditions stay the way they are, it should be a pretty nice summer."

Despite increased visitation to the lake this weekend, park rangers say it's still lower than holiday weekends in years past, something they blame on low lake levels.