Massive virus hits Iran and others

Massive virus hits Iran and others

An incredibly complex virus has hit computers across the Middle East, most specifically in Iran.

According to Russian Internet security giant Kaspersky Labs, "the complexity and functionality of the newly discovered malicious program exceed those of all other cyber menaces known to date."

They add the malware (being called Flame) seems to be a state-sponsored attack created by a government with a lot of money and other resources to support the project.

The virus is designed to steal data not only from personal computers but major networks as well.

The main target of Flame appears to have Iran's oil industry and many experts are noting it could have caused the disruption last month.

A senior analyst at Symantec said, "this is the most sophisticated threat we have ever seen."

Fingers are already being pointed at the U.S. and Israel as instigators of the attack, given its state-sponsored seeming nature.