Panhandle War Memorial ceremony

Panhandle War Memorial ceremony

Amarillo, TX - All types of emotions filled the crowd at the Panhandle War Memorial today as people remembered those who lost their lives fighting for our freedom and those who continue to serve our country.

Our small city is making a big difference.

Amarillo is known for many things and it's now being considered by many service men and women as one of the most military friendly cities in America.

"I served in Iraq three different times, each time I was welcomed home as a hero. I don't feel like a hero by any measure but this community has bonded together to put on events such as this to let us know that they're very thankful for what we have done and for what others have done in the past," says Lt. Col. Terry Callis, Chaplin, USA Army Retired.

As our city grows, so do our military support groups and organizations.

"People in this town are really embracing them, whether it be the veterans groups like the VA Hospital or the VFW or The America Supports You group. They've been prominent in our city, well accepted and I think we do a lot better job in some cases then some other cities do of celebrating the lives of veterans and those who sacrifice," says Mayor Paul Harpole, City of Amarillo.

Many people know Mayor Paul Harpole for what he's done as a city official but he wants us to know him today as a Vietnam Combat Veteran in the U.S. Army.

At the ceremony he passed a picture out to the crowd, remembering his close friends.

"One of the guys who helped me decide to go to college during a conversation one day, he was in that picture. Another gentleman in there, he was in that picture and a few weeks later he was dead. I used to pass him saying, 'bread and butter,' as we passed each other. He flew off on a mission and never came home," says Mayor Paul Harpole, City of Amarillo.

The mayor says their stories are sometimes forgotten, so he wants us to remember.

He says by supporting military personnel from near and far, we are helping make Amarillo their home.

"You can look into being a volunteer at the VA Hospital if that's possible, join one of the veterans groups if you are a veteran. All of those things help celebrate what those people gave for our country," says Mayor Paul Harpole, City of Amarillo.