Lubbock riders pay tribute to Amarillo vets

Lubbock riders pay tribute to Amarillo vets

Amarillo, TX - This Memorial Day weekend, veterans are helping veterans in our area.

The Veteran Thunder Ride was held today and dozens of riders from Lubbock rode into Amarillo to raise awareness for our nation's wounded warriors who continue to battle physical and emotional damages of war.

They started off at the War Memorial with a ceremony and gun salute.

Then they were in the opening ceremony for the Amarillo Sox game.

They made their last stop in Amarillo at the VA hospital and disabled veterans home.

"Freedom is not free.  There's a cost involved and we need to respect these people," Al White, Commander of Lubbock's VFW Post 2466 said.  "We want to celebrate that little portion that they gave to their nation to have the freedom that we enjoy today."

The riders even brought gifts to our wounded and disabled war veterans, including plaques, clothing, flags and other memorabilia.

The purpose of the ride is to restore the well-being of those who have served our country.