Keeping kids safe from kidnappers

Keeping kids safe from kidnappers

Amarillo, TX - It could happen any time, anywhere... child predators set their eyes on an unsuspecting child.

It is National Missing Children's Day and the Texas Department of Public and Safety is promoting a program called "Take 25."

Today, there are nearly 5,000 cases of missing children in Texas.

In an effort to lower those numbers, DPS is asking parents to take 25 minutes to talk with their kids about staying safe from child predators. Local businesses are also getting involved in raising awareness. Today, the Exposito School of Hair Design held its 4th annual Cut-A-Thon to raise money for the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children.

"Not only do they help law enforcement with finding missing children, but the money is used to go towards technology in being able to find these children even years after they become missing," Janet Exposito with the Exposito School of Hair Design said.

Officials are also encouraging parents to have updated photo IDs of their kids and to talk to them about things like stranger danger.