Officials continue to investigate fatal Amarillo fire

Officials continue to investigate fatal Amarillo fire

Amarillo, TX - The investigation into a fire in north Amarillo that killed a two year old remains ongoing.

The Amarillo Fire Department along with the Fire Marshal's office are working to determine what caused the fire that killed two year old Javantayae Mitchell.

Four other children were inside the home at the time, three made it out before fire officials made it to the scene, a seven year old was taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation.

The Texas Department of Family Protective Services says they are investigating the case along with local officials.

They say all of the children are receiving medical attention.

We have received many phone calls, emails and Facebook comments asking where the parents were at the time of the fire, and if they will face any criminal charges.

The Fire Marshal says it is too early to discuss possible charges, because they first need to look at the fire cause, smoke alarms inside the home and what Child Protective Services finds.

CPS says it could take up to thirty days to finish their investigation.