House fire in North Amarillo kills two-year-old

House fire in North Amarillo kills two-year-old

Amarillo, TX - Officials continue to investigate what caused a house fire that killed a child Wednesday morning in North Amarillo.

A house on the 2400 block of Redwood caught fire around 1:00 Wednesday morning.

Five children were inside the home at the time, three were able to make it out.

The Amarillo Fire Department says when they arrived they were told two children were still inside, one a two-year-old.

One child, a seven-year-old was found inside the kitchen still breathing and was taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation.

A two-year-old was found dead inside a back bedroom.

Preliminary autopsy results show the toddler died from inhalation of smoke and soot.

Neighbor Darrell Howard explains how he tried to enter the house to help.

"I was telling the little boy, listen to my voice, come to the sound of my voice. Listen to the water. I was trying to flop the water, listen to the water, come on, come on and he just hollered. I don't even know if he heard me, the fire and the popping, it was the loudest thing I've ever heard but the kids screaming was the worst," said Howard.

The Fire Marshal's office and Special Crimes Unit are investigating the fire.

The Fire Marshal said the kids were the only ones who were inside the home at the time of the fire.