Initiative aims to help Veterans find jobs

Initiative aims to help Veterans find jobs

Amarillo, TX - Veterans who have fought on the front lines, fight another battle when they come home...trying to find a job.

Now a successful program in central Texas may be implemented here.

The Texas Workforce Commission has come up with the College Credit for Heroes Initiative, supported by Governor Rick Perry.

Seven colleges in central Texas are on board, today an outreach event was held so Amarillo colleges and universities can join in.

Those in the military have many skills but instead of finding a job when they get out based on what they learned in the service, they have to begin college entry courses even in a field they may have worked in for several years.

Some of the classes they are required to take may seem repetitive.

This initiative aims to help veterans secure college credit for their military experience and re-enter the workforce as quickly as possible.

so this is something we think should be a standardized version no matter what your career was in the military no matter what your occupation that should be a number of credit hours no matter what college and no matter what state you live in."

There are over 400 veterans enrolled at Amarillo College.

They say college credit for military experience is not offered right now but they are currently looking into this initiative and others in order to make that change.