Tragic Tucumcari fire kills dozens of pets

Tragic Tucumcari fire kills dozens of pets

NewsChannel 10

Tucumcari, New Mexico - An early morning fire destroyed nearly everything at the Tucumcari Animal Hospital owned by Dr. Jean Corey.

Now New Mexico officials are looking for clues as to what, or more importantly who, caused the blaze.

Very few animals were spared, which is why it was perhaps the happiest moment of both of their lives, when Mac McCord and his dog, Rusty were reunited.

McCord says, "He's a very special dog to me. I'm an epileptic and he knows when I'm going to seize, so he always finds me help when I need it."

Unfortunately, others weren't so lucky.

Veterinarian and owner of the animal hospital, Dr. Jean Corey says, "I tried to get in to where they were, but it was too late for most of them."

Heartbreaking news for dozens of pet owners in the area.

McCord says, "I'm very, very sorry for their loss. I can't imagine what they are going through because I know what I felt with Rusty."

Meanwhile, authorities are picking through the rubble, trying to determine what caused the blaze.

Sgt. Justin Fedric with the New Mexico State Police explains, "At this point, we can't tell whether it's an arson or not, but our department along with Tucumcari Police, and the state fire marshal's office are investigating suspicious circumstances."

This is the 3rd suspicious structure fire in Tucumcari in the last month. It adds to a long list of other suspicious fires.

Which is an eerie thought for many Tucumcari residents.

McCord says, "There is no reason whatsoever anyone should be doing this, and to do this to an animal hospital that has animals in it that now have lost their lives..."

Dr. Corey also feels it was no accident. "They need to be stopped. It was animals this time, and they are important to all of us, and a lot of them were animals I have been treating for years and years, but next time it may be people."

Officials say if this does turn out to be an arson, the suspect will face very serious felonies. If you have any information about this fire, or any of the other recent suspicious fires, call Tucumcari authorities immediately.