Dozens of area kids in need of a home

Dozens of area kids in need of a home

Hundreds of Amarillo kids are in foster homes, and dozens more are in need of a home.

Special Delivery says the number of birth mom clients doubled from 24 to 48 last year. Its Manager Beth Mowry says, "More younger birth moms that have come to us.. financial reasons is one of the main reasons."

Arrow Child & Family Ministries says they take care of 200 children every year in its emergency shelter. Its director Keith Howard says they're also a child placement agency, and there's a huge need for families to step up and adopt some of these 45 children without a home.

Howard says, "These are the community's children. These are not these hidden population of kids, or this forgotten population. These are the very children who will grow up to be adults in this community. And so we have the best chance in impacting change in their lives, and healing in their lives."

He says now is the best time to adopt before they turn 18 because after that age, they are more likely to not graduate, or end up in prison or homeless. Howard adds, " All those kids fit one of those categories for the most part. They're either part of a sibling group. They're a teenager. Or they're a child that maybe has a little bit more specialized needs, or issues that come through our shelter. And typically they end up here because it's harder to find those foster homes in the community."

If you'd like to adopt a child, donate clothes and shoes, or become a volunteer either helping organize clothes or mentoring kids at the shelter, you may contact this nonprofit organization at (806) 335-9138.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.