Helping children with disabilities and special needs

Helping children with disabilities and special needs

AMARILLO, TX - Public schools often times don't have the same resources and educational programs for those suffering with special needs as private programs do.

This is where a unique center called Specialized Therapy Services comes into play.

"We are not about crowding as many kids into a room," teacher Alex Junell said. "It's about making sure our numbers stay low."

That's one of the key goals at STS.

Founded in 2002 by Karen Day, the center has rapidly expanded.

They not only provide family support services and therapy, but offer classes and school programs for those who have a difficult time functioning in a real classroom setting.

The general rule of thumb is two to three students per teacher at STS. 

"60 percent of our student population has autism," Day said. "We have a curriculum developed particularly for kids with autism."

This month, STS was recognized for the second year in a row as being one of the fastest growing inner city businesses in the nation.

The center has seen a huge spike in enrollment over the past few years, expanding from renting out one suite to leasing out a total of 9.

"We thought we were just passionate about what we did," Day said. "Instead, we've been named as a business now recognized at the national level.

Day says programs like the one she runs are important to the community because they are better able to provide a learning environment that fits each child.

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