City of Amarillo, volunteers help re-build local woman's home

City of Amarillo, volunteers help re-build local woman's home

Amarillo, TX - It's a miracle for a long-time resident of Amarillo, an old soul food cafe, made new once again.

90-year-old Ruby Estell went before the Amarillo City Commission just weeks ago, asking for help with the building that's now her home, in the north heights neighborhood.

She had concerns about exhaust fumes from diesel trucks parked at a company next door.  In typical panhandle fashion, many people came together to help with the renovations.

"This lady has given to this city for a long, long time.  She's about 90 years old, and she said she needed some help.  That's just how this city responds," Amarillo Mayor Paul Harpole said.  "But really, the volunteers did 90 percent of the work.  About 50 businesses came together and they didn't miss a detail in rebuilding her house."

When surveying the home, several deficiencies and a lack of basic amenities, including insulation were found.

The city of Amarillo, the Builder's Association, and several area organizations came together to give the place an overhaul, using federal funding and donations.