New facilities & homes built after fire

New facilities & homes built after fire

Some area residents and business owners are finally done building their new homes and facilities after the massive February fire in Mesilla Park last year.

The fire burned hundreds of acres and destroyed more than 30 homes and businesses. Letha Downs was one of the residents who lost her house.

She just finished her new home after a year. Downs says, ''I miss my pictures my antiques. I had about 47 years living and gathering all this stuff up. And it seems like I just moved into a different world. It's been hard work, and I'm getting everything together".

And Willow Creek Kennels is one of the businesses destroyed that is now up and running again. Leroy Carrol has been a customer for years. He says, "I'm glad to see them get a new place. I couldn't find anybody to take better care of her (the dog) and do a better job".

The owner Laura Teichmann says even though they've built a facility at a new location at 4339 E. Loop 335 N., they carry with them the doggies they lost.

Teichmann says, "We did lose 18 of our customers during the fire. Still it's one of the hardest things we have to go through because they were not just clients. They were our friends. We knew these dogs personally. These trees signify our 18 losses. We've welcomed our customers to come out, pick out a tree, and we're going to put plaques on all the trees. So that way we always remember".

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.