Potter County launches financial transparency application

Potter County launches financial transparency application

Amarillo, TX - Now Potter County taxpayers have an easier way of tracking their tax dollars.

Potter County just launched an online financial transparency application this week. Now with the click of a mouse, taxpayers can see where their tax dollars are going.

"Most taxpayers, when it comes to their individual property taxes, they want to know... How is my money being spent? Why are my taxes either increasing or decreasing for that matter?" Potter County Commissioner Mercy Murguia said. "They now have the ability to see what's happening, every two weeks."

Potter County taxpayers now have insight to local government spending.

"They have direct access to that so they can ask questions, line by line, of anything they may feel be an inappropriate expenditure or a trend of any type and, again, they could go to their commissioner directly or the county auditor for clarification on what those expenditures are," Murguia said.

It is something that was not so easily accessible before.

"You would either have to go there and pick it up or it could be faxed to you or it could be mailed to you," Murguia said. "So, in terms of immediate access and ease of access, you now have that ability at your fingertips."

With the new application, taxpayers can access the county's fiscal budget, tax rates, general fund income statements, cash reports and check registers. Looking it over takes a matter of seconds. Reports that may have seemed out of reach are now at our fingertips.

"I really feel that there's not that many of us that don't want to be involved," Murguia said. "I think we just don't know how to start."

The new application was partially motivated by a poor transparency evaluation. Now Potter County hopes the Texas comptroller will grant it a gold star rating.

To view the app, just click on the link provided.