More weeds are resistant to herbicides

More weeds are resistant to herbicides

Canyon, TX - Crops in our area may be at risk as weeds become more resistant to herbicides.

Ragweed, water hemp plant, and Russian thistle are all being seen as becoming resistant to herbicides in our area, meaning farmers who grow cotton in the Panhandle can face a challenge if the infestation continues to grow.

Many producers are barely starting to get back on their feet after last year's drought, and the risk of the weeds could make their situation even harder.

If the issue isn't taken care of quickly the producer could end up having to plow their crops under to remove the weeds.

"If you have a lot of pigweed that is out there, obviously they are taking away from that potential moisture that the crop needs so it is important to try to keep our cotton fields as clean and as weed fry as we possibly can," said J.D. Ragland, a AgriLife Extension Agent.

Texas AgriLife specialists say providers should mix up the types of herbicide, they use so the weeds do not become resistant to a certain type of weed killer.