Crime map helping Clovis police crack down on crime

Crime map helping Clovis police crack down on crime

NewsChannel 10

Clovis, New Mexico - New technology is helping Clovis police crack down on crime.

The Clovis Police Department launched a program called Crime Reports nearly two months ago,  and so far, it seems to be a success.

The original intention was to show residents what types of crimes are taking place in their neighborhoods, but the program is proving to do much more than that.

The Clovis Police Department is looking to technology to combat crime, with a new tool that maps out the incidences that have taken place within the last 60 days, and even points out where sex offenders live.

It also allows law enforcement to analyze crimes, track trends, and determine hot spots.

Sgt. Max Stansell with the Detective Division says, "That will allow us as detectives to stake out or find where the crimes might happen next time and tell the patrol men times, days, and locations where they should focus their patrolling on."

It could help the detective division solve cases more quickly, catch criminals in the act, and prevent crime, making Clovis a safer place.

Stansell explains, "The word is going to get out that we are going to be looking for you and we are going to know the area you are going to be in. Hopefully the crime rate is going to go down."

While the site is proving to be successful with citizens and helpful to officers, there's one part of the program that's lacking.

Chief Steve Sanders says, "It takes a partnership to solve crime and alleviate the fear of crime. We, as the police department, can't do this by ourselves. It's just impossible. There's not enough to go around to make that happen."

Which is why Clovis police are encouraging residents to use the tip submit section, where they can anonymously report information on crimes or suspects.

Sanders says, "Most folks are afraid to get involved. But this assigns a user ID unique to you and a user ID unique to us, that allows us to communicate back and forth with you as the tipster. You can provide information without us even knowing who you are."

Without your help, cases and leads can dry up, and crimes can go unsolved.

To access the Crime Reports database and submit tips visit