Emergency responders take action during disaster simulation

Emergency responders take action during disaster simulation

Amarillo, TX - If you drive past Rick Husband International Airport during your morning commute, you may have been wondering what was going on Wednesday morning.

The City of Amarillo held an emergency response simulation. The focus was what to do in the event of a plane emergency. Amarillo police, firefighters, and EMTs with local hospitals participated in the exercise.

They used buses to simulate a crashed airplane, then provided aid to the injured passengers inside.  Every year, the city holds different exercises for its emergency responders and the Amarillo fire department says a badly damaged plane making a stop in Amarillo is ongoing possibility.

"A lot of times planes get diverted here when there's trouble. We have a big runway, a giant runway," Captain Wes Hall with the Amarillo Fire Department said. "Our airport is not that busy so it doesn't shut down airport operations here as much as it would at DFW. So, I don't know what their procedures are but it's not out of the realm of possibility that they could send a plane here that's having trouble."

Officials say the simulation exercises help keep emergency responders up to speed in their training and allows them to work together in situations they may not normally respond to.