Parking Changes at WTAMU

Parking Changes at WTAMU

Many students will be having less trouble finding a parking spot at an area university soon.

Students try to get to school early just to find a spot. And sometimes risk getting a ticket, parking anywhere to get to class on time. But by fall semester, they'll have more options.

That's because there will no longer be designated spots for faculty, staff, and students. Instead a $40 parking permit will allow students to park at any on campus spot.

WT Commuter Sally Kennnon says, "As a commuter, I think it's going to be really good. Right now, I have to get here kind of early to find a park so that I'm ready to go to class. But next semester I won't have to get here as early. I can park anywhere on campus so that will be really good". WT Resident Kaleb Dale says, "I think the parking opening up is obviously going to give residents a lot more parking. A lot more spaces to park on campus right here in front of this hall specifically. There's maybe 20 to 30 spaces that will open up that are real close".

WT officials say this change was designed to benefit the students. Police Administration Director Meri Lyn Odell says, "Before, certain number of spaces were reserved for only certain people with designated permit. Now, they'll be available to you arriving as a student at any time during the day other than at a specific time as they have been in the past".

Residential Living Senior Director Jon Behrens says, "For sure there will be fewer tickets because I think a lot of the tickets that you see on campus are given to students that have, just out of frustration, pulled into a parking space. They're not concerned with what it's marked. They just want to get to class".

If any students still have difficulty finding parking, Odell says, "Go on out to the event center and park there because remember the bus does make five different stops on campus in different locations and is available to you".

There'll also be a parking lot with 600 spaces on the north side of the baseball field by the fall. And that lot doesn't require a parking permit.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.