Republican running for U.S. Senate makes stop in Amarillo

Republican running for U.S. Senate makes stop in Amarillo

AMARILLO - Former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert made a stop in Amarillo to campaign for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

From 2007 through 2011, Leppert served as Mayor of Dallas.

During his tenure, he helped add 200 new police officers for the city, resulting in a drop in crime.

Now, he's looking at taking a bigger leap and hoping to win a seat in Washington.

"I'm not a career politician," Leppert said. "I bring business experience."

Her was chairman and CEO of the Turner Corp. which was the largest commercial builder in the U.S.

"Businesses are not government but we need to put the business principles in there," he said.

Leppert is looking to fill Kay Bailey Hutchison's seat, who recently announced she won't be running for a third term.

Leppert says he already has a clear understanding of what the people need.

"People are worried about their jobs and the economy," he said. "We need people who have a business understanding and can make decisions and be involved."

Gas prices are another hot topic on the agenda.

"91-percent of our energy and resource system to one degree or another are constrained by regulation," he said. "If we can open up regulations with offshore drilling and accessing natural gas domestically, jobs will be created and it would help build a strong economy."

For years seasoned politicians have said business should stay out of government and vice versa.

You'll now have the opportunity to decide later this month.

Leppert's next stop will be to Lubbock on Thursday.