Permit suspended at Las Alazanas Bar

Permit suspended at Las Alazanas Bar

Amarillo, TX - After a weekend shooting, Las Alazanas Bar has had their permit suspended.

Five people were injured in the shooting incident Saturday night.

Now the doors are closed and a suspension of their permit is in effect for the next week.

During the initial investigation by TABC and Amarillo Police, there were indications showing a possibility of more acts of violence.

This does not happen frequently.

In fact, a suspended permit for this type of situation has not been issued in at least two years.

"We need to have that information within twenty-four hours, sometimes during the investigation something comes to light early or sometimes it comes to light later in the investigation, beyond the twenty-four hours. We want to make sure we have a safe environment for the public," says Sgt. Randy Chatham, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

We're told the cooling-off period will not be lengthened.

Once the investigation is complete, if the shooting occurred as a result of actions taken or not taken by the bar, there could be some sanctions; including fines, suspension or cancellation of the permit.