Salvation Army in need of bottled water

Salvation Army in need of bottled water

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - The Salvation Army faces different needs and different challenges with the change of every season.

With summer quickly approaching, water is their primary concern.

Their warehouse is typically stocked full with cases of water bottles, but they have only four pallets left.

They say that's enough to last two days in a fire and less than two weeks at a relief station.

Providing water is a vital part of the organization's operation, during wildfires for victims and emergency responders, and during the extreme summer heat, when Amarillo's homeless population needs a chance to cool down.

If you would like to donate bottled water, drop it off at The Salvation Army's Family Store at 1211 SE 27th Avenue in Amarillo. 

If you have larger donations, a pickup can be arranged with the Family Store Manager, Kenny Freeman at 379-8482 or 373-5544.