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Lake Meredith off limits during 2012: Residents urged to conserve water

AMARILLO- Around this time every year, city officials encourage residents to conserve water as we approach a peak usage season.

The Borger Municipal Water System has experienced an average consumption increase of 10 to 15 percent in previous years according to the Borger News Herald.

The Canadian River Municipal Water Authority has made the decision to discontinue all deliveries from Lake Meredith for 2012.

Depending upon rainfall totals these next few months, mandatory water restrictions may be implemented.

"This is the first year in CRMWA history that we'll be pumping purely groundwater because we've historically always pumped water from Lake Meredith."

For smaller cities like Borger, this will effect their water supply by about 100 million gallons.

So far, only cities south of Amarillo such as Lubbock have seen mandatory water restrictions put into place.

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