Black Market for Adderall is up

Black Market for Adderall is up

Amarillo, TX - Area students continue misusing a drug that's commonly used to treat ADHD. In fact, it's a problem that has been increasing as final exams take place.

The black market for Adderall is up throughout the U.S. and that trend seems to be growing in the panhandle as well, especially with finals going on.

WT A&M Clinical Services Coordinator at Student Counseling Orvie Nix says this is the first year they've been receiving phone calls from parents, faculty, and coaches concerned the university may have prescribed a student Adderall.

Nix says, " We had a parent whose child came home for a holiday. And while that child was there, said oh yea I study and I concentrate because we have some Adderall that helps us to concentrate. And this parent was appropriately very upset about that. And was questioning why we would prescribe that at the university. We assured her we do not prescribe that at all at WT".

Nix says they should turn to counseling help instead. He says, "Test anxiety is not the kind of thing that needs any medication to help. It needs counseling therapy, it needs study skills. It needs tutoring. It needs counseling therapy to just work out what is it that you're afraid of ".

To help prevent students from using Adderall illegally, the university holds presentations every semester to help them cope with stress as well as inform them about the negative side effects of the drug.

Some of those effects include dizziness, heart problems, and insomnia.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.