New Boys Town mayor hails from Amarillo, Texas

New Boys Town mayor hails from Amarillo, Texas

BOYS TOWN, Neb. (AP) - Young Boys Town residents in west Omaha have elected a Texas boy as the town's new mayor and an Omaha girl as vice mayor.

Anthony Cornelius, of Amarillo, won election Tuesday over four other candidates to become Boys Town's 112th mayor. The new vice mayor is Constance Hayden.

The 16-year-old Cornelius is active in track, baseball, wrestling and football.

Hayden, also 16, plays basketball, soccer and softball and is a church volunteer.

The Rev. Edward Flanagan, who founded Boys Town, conceived the self-government system in 1926 as a tool to build character, citizenship and a sense of community.

The process was made famous in the 1938 movie "Boys Town." Mickey Rooney portrayed Whitey Marsh, a tough young boy who turns his life around and becomes mayor of Boys Town.